Perfect end to the day- completed some interval training trying to increase my intensity and push to my maximum on lactate intervals.  1 minute full pelt/ 2 minutes rest and repeat for 20 -30 minutes BOOM. 

Its so important to find time to do things that make you feel happy or better. For me a massive stress release sometimes is to go for a run along the beach to escape reality sometimes and just focus on that one thing that you are trying to achieve then and there.

When doing a lot or cardio based exercises it's important to mix them up. Like adding interval training like I said in the above. Keep your body guessing and your metabolism ticking. 

Try it next time you feel a bit down, want to mix up your workouts or just love running. Find time to do what makes you happy!!! There are enough hours in the day... Just make time. 
Post Tabata Workout

This is something I have been newly enjoying for a quick an easy snack. It's so simple and easy ! Boiled egg for 8-10 minutes till it's just runny and cooked also (very important! ). Run the hot egg under cold water to make the shell easier to peel and crush on top of a Ryvita or two. Season with pepper and voillaaaaa 🏼 Good way to get protein, fats and carbs into your system after a workout so your energy levels don't dip and your muscles recover effectively. Making sure you eat protein within two hours after your workout is THE KEY to development and constancy within your workout. 

How many of you girls use weights at the gym? .... Did you know that although cardio burns calories on the spot .. Weights can continue burning calories for the next 32 hours after exercise. Now that's something to think about.
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